All fire apparatus is numbered to facilitate radio communication with the Columbia County 911 dispatch center and other fire companies that may be operating at an emergency scene.

The assigned identification number for the Austerlitz Volunteer Fire Company is 80, therefore all apparatus begins with that number.

801 is our “Class A Pumper.” When 801 arrives first at a fire it is set up to directly fight the fire where other apparatus would act in a support capacity.

801 carries 1000 gallons of water. The truck carries1000 feet of large diameter 5” hose (LDH) for water supply. It has 2 pre-connected 1 ¾” “attack lines” and another 300’ in reserve.  It also has 300’ of 2 1/2” firefighting hose with a high volume nozzle.

801 additionally has 3 10’ lengths of “hard suction” hose which enables the truck to draw water from hydrants, ponds, & rivers.  It can also be supplied with water from another pumper or from tanker trucks.

801 also carries six “air-packs” which are used by “entry firefighters.”  Each air-pack is equipped with a portable radio which are integrated into the air-pack face masks. The radio makes a dangerous job somewhat safer as each firefighter can communicate with other firefighters and the incident commander.

Other equipment carried on 801 include ladders, forced entry tools, sawzall and chainsaw, generator, and many other tools to assist the firefighter.

801 additionally carries an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED). Each truck in the company also has a Garmin GPS unit to assist the firefighters to quickly locate residences in the town.

This 1992 engine is due for replacement in early 2016.

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