80-13 (formally 802) is a dedicated “source” pumper.  It carries no water but instead seeks a water source and pumps water to the scene. This can be accomplished by connecting 5” large diameter hose to the scene or by filling tankers which then drive the water to the scene.

The Austerlitz Fire District is served by 2 fire companies:  AVFC and the Spencertown Fire Company.  Both companies respond together to all fires and emergencies in the district.  In our rural community finding water for the fire can be challenging.  Each company operates a specialized piece of apparatus for this. AVFC has 80-13 and the SFC has 51-14 which is a 2,000 gallon tanker.

With the tanker and 2 pumpers, we carry 4,000 gallons to the fire.  With the source truck and 2 pumpers, we carry 4,000 feet of large diameter hose.

80-13 has several interesting features to perform its mission.  It is a lightweight 4 wheel drive vehicle.  It has an extra large water intake port which enables it to pump over 1000 gal/min more than 2,000 feet.  It carries 2 350 gal/min portable pumps with auxiliary hose, that allow it to find undeveloped water sources as far as 300’ beyond where it can be driven. The primary purpose of the portable pumps is water supply but this vehicle is also used to pump out basements during flood conditions.

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