80-60 is a 4 wheel drive all-terrain vehicle and is the latest addition to our fleet.

This vehicle is designed to fight brush fires and to evacuate patients from remote locations.

Austerlitz has more State Forest land than any other town in Columbia County.  We also have extensive mountainous, forested private land.  Brush fires and accidents regularly generate many of our calls.

For fighting brush fires the ATV has an 80 gal. water tank and a small water pump.  The effectiveness of the water is extended about 4 times by adding a foaming agent to it.  The gasoline pump lets the ATV apply water while it is being driven.  It can also resupply the ATV and members on foot with backpacks by pumping water from streams and ponds when operating in remote locations.

For rescue work there is a rack on the unit which can hold a person in a stretcher.

The trailer, which was fabricated by several of our members, can be used first to transport the ATV to the scene and then be hitched to the ATV itself to move personnel, equipment, & patients.

80-12, 80-13, 80-60 have one important thing in common: they all pump water.  But after that, as you can see, they are very different & specialized vehicles. It takes many hours of drill time for the volunteers to maintain both our proficiency and our equipment.

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